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Dongying Shengmei Precision Casting Metal Co., Ltd. is an industrial company ,which engaged in the production of stainless steel precision castings, plastic products and deep processing.

Main products are marine hardware, building hardware, mechanical parts, auto parts, plastic parts and polymer materials, etc.

The advantages of our products are stainless steel mirror passivation technology, which enables stainless steel 316 series products to pass the 300 hours salt spray test without rusting, and stainless steel 304 series products to pass the 200 hours salt spray test without rusting. This technology is the post-treatment of the mirror surface of the product, which is different from the pickling treatment of stainless steel.

High-precision Mach

Stainless Steel Mirror Passivation Technology

Salt Spray Test Without Rusting

This technology is in the leading position in the same industry, which has solved the problem that stainless steel products that have been troubling the stainless steel industry for a long time are prone to rusting and affect the appearance of the products.

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